About Us

Inspired by tradition, committed to the modern world.

Yula is the result of passion, hard work and fate. Our handcrafted leather bags and accessories are made with love and care by Moroccan artisans. Here at Yula we strive to preserve the traditions of Moroccan leather craftsmanship.

We believe every beautifully hand - crafted item has an equally fine story behind it ; it’s more than a bag , it’s an experience, a memory that travels with you. Inspired by the the rich historical and cultural patrimony of Morocco, each bag is designed with perfect size and shape, removing superficial and recovering the functionality.

Our products are lovingly designed with premium leather and traditional fabric, assembled using old-world techniques that have existed for hundreds of years. An honest, sustainable creative process

Yula has tried to create sustainable economic opportunities for Moroccan artisans and entrepreneurs, we believe that the tradition would be incomplete without the men and women behind it, for that reason, we are so proud to support the 100% HAND MADE in Morocco from the beginning to the end.

At yula we believe we have a unique brand and clientele who values fine hand- crafted products that have history and meaning.