Kahina Collection


Named after the Berber queen of the 7th century, the Kahina handbag collection evokes strength and confidence alongside a soft feminine mystique. When western culture adopted the handbag for his functionality and seek of privacy at the end of the nineteenth century. Today a handbag is a symbol of female anticipation; a way to express themselves.

The kahina collection is a reflection of Yula’s artisanal style. Designed to fit the lifestyle of restless wanderers just like you, Yula’s bags are for everyday wear and special occasions. A great companion for all life’s journeys.

Featuring just the right amount of pockets and compartment, functionality blends seamlessly with style through a mix of genuine leather, rich traditional materials, and hand braided details.

Each Yula bag is thoughtfully crafted with artisanal details and hand-made finishes, making them not only go for everyday use, but also beautiful works of art.

The vibrant colors coupled with genuine leather is a timeless handcraft made to age gracefully. Take a walk on the rich Moroccan heritage …. but do it in style!